Family ADHD Life Coach


My name is Laureen MacCallum and I am a mom of 3 wonderful children that keep life full and rewarding!  While my son was a toddler I had suspicions that his mind worked much differently than others. He was always on the move, noticed the slightest change in his environment and when he entered pre-school/kindergarten he could not stay in his seat.  It wasn’t until he was in grade 2 that he was officially diagnosed with ADHD. So many fears and questions arose for us. What does this mean? Do we use medication or not? How will this diagnosis affect all of us? How do we parent a child with ADHD?  And the list could go on. My husband and I felt very lost and alone as we were met with varying opinions by well intending people in our lives.

As a mom it has stretched me immensely.  There have been many times I have felt helpless at how to help him overcome his challenges and how to be a better parent to him.  Through these challenges I have discovered there are many parents out there who are looking for support and encouragement, someone to listen to them and help empower them.  This is what has led me into coaching. I am here to educate, empower, and help brainstorm new approaches you can use to make positive change. My son is now a teen who supports me and encourages me to share our experiences to help other families.

Previously I was an Early Childhood Educator.  My very first job with ECE was working with an ADHD child in kindergarten.  Little did I know this was the beginning of a life long ADHD journey! I later moved on to take my Licensed Practical Nurse where I learned to work professionally with a variety of clients, dealing with physical and mental health illness.  I stayed home after I had children until this desire to once again step forward to support families and individuals gravitated from being an ADHD mom for many years. I stepped out into our community offering support and resources to many ADHD families.  This then led me to my purpose and passion of helping others on this journey. I furthered my studies as a ADHD Life Coach at the ADD Coaching Academy. I currently work with parents of ADHD kids and women wanting to to grow in self awareness and different  areas of personal growth.

I would love to support and encourage you on this journey you are on…

Laureen MacCallum