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Surviving Christmas


Whether you have ADHD or you have a child with ADHD, Christmas can be a fun yet difficult time!  There are many expectations placed on us and often we feel the need to meet everyone else’s expectations of us.  This is not always realistic and can set our Christmas up for meltdowns and disappointments! So […]

after school snacks

After School Snacks

This summer seems to have gone so fast! I am starting to get my mind in the back to school mode but it is a slow go! In thinking of the kids going back to school I started thinking about lunches and healthy snacks. I thought I would write a list of after school snacks […]

Back To School with ADHD

Going back to school with ADHD can bring a variety of emotions and behaviors. Gone are the lazy carefree days of summer with less structure. As parents it is time now to somehow bring back more structure and routine! Easier said then done in my house! Switching Gears We start the summer with great intentions […]

Executive Function Difficulties and Vacation

What do you do when you have executive function difficulties and are vacation planning? We recently just returned from a 2 week road trip that we had dreamed about for a long time. Our kids have a weekly, part time job distributing flyers. They saved the majority of their flyer money and we voted on […]

Negative ADHD Comments

What do you do when people have negative ADHD comments? We have all heard them. “ADHD isn’t real” “those kids just need more/better discipline” “we don’t believe in labels” The list could go on! Sometimes it could even be a spouse who doesn’t feel their child could have ADHD. What do you do? How should […]

Summer Break With ADHD Kids

Summer break with ADHD kids is a much needed break for everyone! It is also a time of year that can have its challenges. Many parents feel summer is a time to let up on schedule, rules, and time allowed on electronics. It is good for these kids to relax and have some of the […]


When I hear “ADHD Accommodations” I automatically think of school accommodations. Most schools allow for accommodations and I find they are very beneficial. What about at home? Have you ever thought of if your child needs them at home? Very likely you are already making these accommodations. Having more than one child, and not all […]


When negative thoughts seep into our lives it alters our view of life in all areas. Do you see the beauty around you? Are you aware of the goodness in your life?  Do you know that you can control what you see?  This is a bit of a strange thought but let me explain a […]

To The ADHD Mom…

Dear ADHD Mom, Raising kids is hard. As you know raising ADHD kids is even harder! I use to think that maybe I was just a wimpy mom. All the other moms seemed to think I just wasn’t coping as well. They seemed to imply they had it more together than I did because their […]


A little over a year ago I had a day of what I believe was anxiety. Looking back it had been building for some time. Upon waking that day I felt an unsettled and anxious feeling for no reason. I do not remember many details about the day. However I do remember thinking “I just […]