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ADHD PEOPLE ARE… Energetic, Spontaneous, and Imaginative

Every person, ADHD or not, has gifts and talents that are sometimes obvious and other times covered over with self doubt, perfectionism judgments, or others opinions. Therefore these gifts and talents need to be uncovered and dusted off. ADHD is often looked at in terms of symptoms to be fixed. All people have things to […]

ADHD PEOPLE ARE… Risk Takers, Resilient,Creative

ADHD people have many positive qualities that often go unnoticed. In an effort to correct behavior and identify ways to help we focus on the negative. ADHD people are more willing to take risks, more resilient and tend to be more creative. These are just a few of the positives of ADHD. More will be […]

What is Executive Function

There are many terms in the ADHD community that can be confusing when just beginning to explore ADHD. Executive Function is one of those terms that are tossed around but sometimes not fully explained. It is an important term to understand because research is showing us that executive function is the main issue surrounding ADHD. […]

The Juggling Act

MANAGING TIME AND PRIORITIES WITH ADHD Whether your a parent, a student, working full time, or stay at home parent time can be a difficult thing to manage. There are so many things pulling at our purse strings of time. Some things are amazing opportunities, some are obligations, some are by choice. Whatever the situation, […]

How our thoughts shape our behavior…

I am the youngest child and only girl with 3 older brothers. You would think that with big brothers I would have learned to be tough! To some degree I think I was. When it came to words and interpreting actions of others I was extremely sensitive. I internalized those things and took many of […]


“How can he have ADHD when he plays for hours at LEGO?”, “You often forget to have lunch when you are sewing, are you sure you have ADHD?”. These are questions that come up when people don’t understand the way ADHD manifests. It is true that ADHD makes it difficult to focus at times, but […]

Lets Talk ADHD…

There are many misconceptions of ADHD in the world. A person who is newly diagnosed or a parent who has a child diagnosed must sort out what is truth and what is misguided information. This can be very overwhelming! There are many reliable sources to gather information from and I will list a few at […]

My child’s been diagnosed with ADHD, Now what?

There can be many questions and emotions involved when a child is diagnosed with ADHD. Questions such as “What does this mean” “What is ADHD?” “Do we have to medicate?” “Was it something we did?” There are emotions such as fear, sadness, anxiousness, surprise, and disappointment. These are all real and they are all normal. […]


People with ADHD in general often have difficulty with getting enough sleep. ADDitude magazine says that “Kids with ADHD are three times less likely to get enough shut-eye than their friends.” It is well known that ADHD symptoms are worse when the person is sleep deprived. According to The Sleep Doctor, often children and adults […]

Routine After a Holiday

Welcome to my blog! I don’t know about you but in our household we have had a HARD time getting back into routine after Christmas. Before Christmas my day timer was scheduled with my work hours, appointments, and what I had to do that week. Now… its white. My kids are struggling each morning getting […]